Natural Legacy

MaryEllen Wilkinson

When it comes to mountain real estate, MaryEllen Wilkinson has a natural legacy.

REALTOR® MaryEllen Wilkinson is quite a legacy in the Mountains of South Carolina. As someone who was raised in this beautiful area, she knows just what makes it special, and just how special it is to the people who live here. That’s why she’s so devoted to ensuring that everyone involved in the sale or purchase of a mountain property experiences “win-win” results.

A true expert on landforms and accessibility for everything from large timber tracts to the smallest river or lake front lots, MaryEllen knows how to help you make the most of your valuable investment. Considering buying or selling in the Mountains of South Carolina? Expect the best from MaryEllen Wilkinson-the Realtor® with A Natural legacy. Call MaryEllen today!

MaryEllen Wilkinson is proudly serving the real estate needs of residents seeking properties in the Mountains of South Carolina.

"I've lived in the mountains all my life, that's why my passion is contagious for the Mountains of South Carolina."

-MaryEllen Wilkinson


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With a Local Family Legacy of Many Years, MaryEllen Wilkinson's Devotion to the Mountains of South Carolina Comes Naturally

MaryEllen Wilkinson has a powerful connection to the mountains of South Carolina. Indeed, her family has been here for five generations. As a child, she spent almost every weekend on the family farm. "I fell in love with nature," she remembers, "and I spent as much time as possible on horseback!" At that time the area's 90,000 acres of timberland hadn't yet begun its profound transformation into a resort location. So whenever she got the chance, MaryEllen loved exploring the mountains that surrounded the farm.


A tennis scholarship took MaryEllen to college, where she earned a degree in Marketing & Real Estate. She worked as a tennis pro in Lake Placid, where she helped to lease and manage rental properties for the Olympics. But MaryEllen missed the mountains, so she returned to Greenville, where she joined the Hyatt as Assistant Manager. She went on to successfully supervise construction on the property. When the opportunity arose to supervise the construction on another Hyatt property in Florida, MaryEllen refused it. She didn't want to leave the mountains ever again, and she wanted her three children to enjoy the same life she'd known.


MaryEllen has never regretted that decision, and she's carrying on her family legacy by helping others enjoy the mountains in her career as a real estate professional. A true mountain expert, MaryEllen offers extensive knowledge on the surrounding landforms and works with a team of qualified engineers to ensure maximum accessibility. Her expertise covers properties ranging from large timber tracts to the smallest river or lake front lots. And with a background in real estate that encompasses both rental and property management, she's equally skilled with vacation homes and year-round residences.


As someone with a strong family connection to the land, MaryEllen understands just how important the land is to those who have lived a lifetime here. She was broken hearted to have to sell her family's farm, so she knows personally how emotional the real estate process can be. That's why her goal is the happiness of all the parties involved. MaryEllen tries to ensure that land tracts are divided to everyone's satisfaction, negotiating agreements that give buyers maximum use of their property while allowing sellers to sometimes remain on part of the land that's been in their family for years.

Whether you've lived here a lifetime or have only recently fallen in love with the mountains of South Carolina, MaryEllen Wilkinson is the professional who will meet all your real estate needs. Interested in the sale or purchase of a mountain property? For MaryEllen, making the most of the mountains is A Natural Legacy. Call her for a complimentary consultation.

MaryEllen Wilkinson is proudly serving the real estate needs of residents seeking properties in the Mountains of South Carolina.


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